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Friday, August 09, 2013

InterContinental Hotel and Saujana Hotel

This is not our usual place for Hi-Tea
Recently saw many people been posting up new Hi-Tea place 
The view looks great and food seems delicious 
So why not have a try

InterContinental Hotel
One Six Five
that's where is it the Hi-Tea Place
We can't get so called million dollar view seat which facing the green and pond
someone has made a booking on that area
That day wasn't much people 

We ordered Royal Afternoon Tea comes with
- Raisins and Plain Scones - 
- Pastries -
- Savouries - 

Hi-Tea with pretty girl 
starts to enjoy the food
well after all
she only enjoys Savouries
which comes in 5 small little treats
crab remoulade roll
smoked salmon and caviar crostini
lobster and asparagus bagel
peking duck with cucumber and hoisin
wagyu beef tartare with wasabi and brioche 

Well honestly
their savouries are tasty but others just so so
we still prefer Shang-ri La Hi-Tea set
their scones taste better and softer

Next stop
Romantic Dinner@Saujana Hotel
before dinner starts
let us take a selfie
smile ~

And now the playful selfie 

Star Star Earrings
Dear dear Favorite
perfect on her

We have a great day great night

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

As what we see

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dating @ Fong Lye, The Garden KL

Dating with baby
20 July 2013

We passed by this restaurant as frequent as we going for movie night
it was just so crowded  and everyone will queue for it
Well, we were quite curious what does it taste like 
what do they served and what's so yummy

Since we're still early
give it a try

Simply amazing I could say
especially the fried sweet potatoes
of course, my baby still the best
Snapped her secretly and posted it up
This sweet potatoes are yummy and sweet, most importantly NOT OILY
actually wanted to buy more for our movie later
well, we can't take it any more

Look at the food
We ordered 2 set and realized OMG (food for 3)
it's a lot and how am I suppose to finish mine and half of hers

Surprisingly, we finished it with my big round belly, not hers
I could say those who have not try, should give it a try
This place also a great place for gathering with friends
more like homey-homey cook

Satisfied with her food (tomato fishy)

Definitely will come back again
wanna try other dishes
off to go
see ya :)

Friday, July 05, 2013


Sweetest Moment will be the moment together with you

Be mine

Friday, June 14, 2013

Around the world

Looking at myself through a pretty awesome globe

Perhaps start planning when and where will be next for my holiday

Get started

Friday, March 08, 2013

Afternoon Tea - Dating


Within 6 months, we visited Shangri-la Hotel for our afternoon tea at The Lounge. This place has been our hangout and pak toh place.

Well, the scones over here really delicious. I'm so happy that I brought my girl here and she loves it to the max.

Looking at both photos, she's getting prettier and adorable. No wonder I love her so much. Sometimes she's just too cute and I couldn't stop myself telling her why are you so cute one.

Honestly, she said she loves seeing this kind of expression when I'm telling her "aiyoyo, why are you so cute?"

This post mainly showing one of our usual dating place. Go for a try..chill and comfort place for afternoon tea

Stay tuned for upcoming post.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

baby in singapore

Happiest Day
16-18 November 2012
My babe came to Singapore looking for me
I was so shock she planned and bought the air ticket

Shock as becasuse
when she arrived
she took taxi and came to my office
I wasn't in the office but I'm worried how's everything goes
whether will she lost somewhere
whether she not sure where the place she heading
is just too many whether and whether and whether

Anyway, found her and gave her a hug
just so warm seeing her in front of me
we went for dinner
brought her around as she will be staying for 3D2N
isn't that AWESOME!!!

Photos may not completed
but covered most of the place we visited
Marina Bay Sand..of course must visit

Then we hold hands together to Gardens by the Bay
enjoyed the environment in the Flower Dome and Cloud Dome
Man-made waterfall lighten up romance
really amazing place

Tea time after visiting the gardens
having bits of sweeeeets macaroon
flower-ish tea  

having a walk at the Harbour Front
rain just stopped not long ago
weather was quite chilling and we planned to walk outside
just the right time
I know this place

The Wine Company
she loves it
music band . romantic environment . delicious food
most important thing
I got her, she got me

Before I ended the trip
Singapore Flyer
Although not able to get a cabin just for both of us
but still we have great fun taking photos

She lighten up my weekends
I brighten up her trips
We made it a happy ending story


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